Workshop Outline

Income Tax Returns & Business Activity Statement (BAS) Preparation Skills
Course Outline

Part 1: BAS Preparation Skills

  • Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Business Registrations
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Payments you need to withhold
  • Using Tax Tables
  • Calculation of PAYG(W)
  • Preparing payroll for employees
  • How to complete your activity statement PAYG (W)labels
  • Who needs to pay PAYG instalments?
  • PAYG instalment rate calculation
  • Changing PAYG instalment
  • How to complete your activity statement PAYG (I)labels
  • Taxable sales
  • Input-taxed sales
  • GST-free sales
  • Purchasing a motor vehicle
  • Disposing of a motor vehicle
  • GST adjustments and corrections
  • Using GST calculation worksheet
  • How to complete your activity statement GST labels
  • Types of fringe benefit
  • Calculating your FBT
  • How to complete your activity statement FBT labels
  • Eligibility
  • Calculate your fuel tax credits
  • How to complete your activity statement FTC labels
  • Calculate LCT
  • How to complete your activity statement FTC labels

Part 3- Xero Practice Manager Application

  • Accessing Tax Agent Portal
  • Creating new client
  • Create new job
  • Create tax return and BAS
  • Uploading substantiation documents
  • Prepare and lodge tax return and BAS
  • Amend tax returns

Part 2: Income Tax Preparation Skills

  • Income Tax Legislation and ATO Rulings
  • Source of income
  • Income and Deductions
  • Income Tax Rates and Tables
  • Tax Resident /Non-Residents
  • Employment income
  • Employment Termination Payments
  • Business Income including sole trader, trust, partnership and company income
  • Dividend Income
  • Interest Income
  • Government Allowances (e.g. Newstart allowance)
  • Investment property income including rental property and shares
  • Ride-sourcing and tax (Uber)
  • Capital gains
  • Foreign income
  • Vehicle and travel expenses
  • Overtime meal deductions
  • Clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses
  • Gifts and donations
  • Home office expenses
  • Interest, dividend and other investment income deductions
  • Self-education expenses
  • Tools, equipment and other assets
  • Cosmetics containing sun protection
  • Handbags, briefcases and satchels
  • ATO interest – calculation and reporting
  • Books, periodicals and digital information
  • Cash shortages or client bad debts
  • Claiming mobile phone, internet and home phone expenses
  • Cost of managing tax affairs
  • Election expenses
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Income protection insurance
  • Interest charged by the ATO
  • Overtime meals
  • Personal super contributions
  • Project pool deductions
  • Seminars, conferences and education workshops
  • Union fees, subscriptions to associations and bargaining agents’ fees
  • Working with children check
  • Cost of goods sold expenses
  • Operational expenses
  • Rental property expenses (Commercial and Residential properties)
  • Ride-sourcing and tax (Uber) expenses
  • Claiming Capital assets and expenses:
    • General depreciation rules
    • Simplified depreciation rules
    • Other depreciation rules
  • Disposing of a depreciating asset
  • Capital works deductions
  • Simpler trading stock rules for small businesses
  • General trading stock rules
  • Offsetting current year losses
  • Claiming tax losses from previous years
  • Carry forward to future years
  • Medicare Levy
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Private health insurance
  • Zone and overseas forces
  • Small business income tax offset
  • Work related expenses
  • Business expenses
  • Special rules


Sheema Ambrose

The idea of a tax workshop for people that qualified outside of Australia was fantastic. It was a great introduction to the accounting concepts, and I would happily pay to do it again to brush up on all the concepts taught.


This course provided more practical knowledge in GST, Payroll and Income tax. This is a useful course for beginners and the lecturer was excellent and performed a vital part in this course

Yuan JIA

The workshop provided very comprehensive and practical tax return preparation skills for me that are extremely helpful and useful. The workshop was not only focusing on the knowledge academically but also gives practical experience.

David Stevenson

As someone who has just 15 months trainee experience in the accounting profession and as a university student, this workshop helped me gain more knowledge about the taxation part of accounting. Shan was able to deliver the content in such an interesting manner and encouraged me to get into taxation. Practical knowledge was gained through the Xero training session.

Shrigandhi Ranjith

Knowledge gained can be used in my future job.

Nisha Thaker

The workshop was a very useful to polish off what I learnt at University. I was able to revise and update my knowledge in the Australian Taxation Law. Also, it allowed me to work on a new software called XERO, which is the icing on the cake.

For me, everything was well designed, from webinars to weekly homework. Shan is a fantastic teacher; he has an in-depth knowledge of the topics. Plus, learning and working on XERO is one of the most valuable aspect of this workshop.

Vito Brancatella

The slides were straight to the point and links were provided for further information, rulings & tools like the ATO website. The homework had some large content to be answered with the complexity of different parts of the questions to be answered. Through perseverance most of what is learned remains with you.

Roshan Lobendhan

Overall this was a great workshop and thank you. The workshop was a good refresher and helped me to recall learning from the past. Good quality reading materials with reference and links to ATO.

Jason Patel

Perfect place to gain practical knowledge. Question and answer sessions, use of technology, encouragement to ask questions and the well-designed homework.

Priyantha Ranadeera

I have been working as an Accountant for long time and I haven’t had such a good lecturer in my life. (Knowledgeable and well presented). Also, I learnt some of the logic behind tax legislation and scenarios in the practical environment. It was a good combination of lecture, notes, questions/ answers and software. I think all of these resources were the key success of this workshop.

Menaka Herath

The lecturer taught well and his teaching method was perfect. I have learned more valuable things in taxation that are important for me.

Sornnarin Ed Deman

Adding another hour lecture each week would be valuable for me to cover all the text and homework.

Nadine Hodgson

We experienced a classroom environment rather than webinar. Lecturer and participant relationships were very high and created a collaborative environment for us. Within a short time participants could obtain vast knowledge using different sources.

Terri Ryan

I learnt a lot about intricacies of the taxation and GST rules that I did not learn at TAFE. Sometimes and only sometimes Shan spoke a bit too quickly but he is super knowledgeable about Australian Taxation and GST.

Juyi Pan

I now know how to complete individual tax returns. We learnt from real cases, not from the textbook examples.

Hunde Disasa

Learned a lot about income tax. Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended…. Shan is an excellent instructor. The most valuable aspect of this workshop was the online Course portal. Everything on the portal was very helpful especially homework and notes.

Nkem Ugwu

It provides practical application of tax topics which is beneficial to the profession. The Homework questions encouraged further reading and the answers provided clarification to my solutions. Access to the online Tax software enabled real world simulation.


The workshop is of great use to new migrants who have basic accounting knowledge from their home country.

Maninder Kaur Jheetey

This workshop is very helpful especially to students who wants to learn taxation. Uni subjects don’t really go into detail about tax and I really want to learn more. This is the reason why I joined and it really boosted my confidence as an accounting professional. The slides and notes are a big help to me because if I want to study again, I could just go back to the slides provided.

I honestly don’t have much knowledge in tax which is why I’m very shy to ask and participate, but Shan is one of the most accommodating teachers I have met. He would patiently answer every question from other students and by listening to him, I learned a lot. Taxation can be intimidating, but with a very knowledgeable teacher, it is very interesting. Thank you so much Shan for sharing your knowledge to us and for your patience.

Adrian Wang

This workshop is very useful since it conveys practical information in terms of the real-world accounting. The practice after each lecture is quite useful to me because it allowed me to utilise the knowledge taught by Shan

Adiba Popalzai

Very useful and informative course. Activities, questions and practical activities on Xero.

Barry Ward

This workshop is worth money & time. I believe this learning journey is important for everybody whoever is interested to become a good tax consultant or tax agent. I don’t think it is only useful for PTB employees it’s for everyone to enhance their knowledge & skills.

Shengbo ZHOU

This course helped me to quickly understand the tax industry and it is very practical. Each homework activity connects different parts of taxation. It helped me to get a clear and more comprehensive understanding of tax returns.

John Deng

Skills learned in this workshop will help participants to prepare Business Activity Statements and income tax return for individuals, partnership, trust and companies. These skills and knowledge gained will go beyond PTB employment because this workshop has opened our mind and eyes to read and understand more about meeting individuals and business legal tax obligations. I am enjoying this workshop!

The most valuable aspect of this workshop is people. Both the presenter and tutor were knowledgeable and friendly. I have seen in the workshop people from diverse background which means PTB embraces diversity.

Stella Cutting

I really enjoyed the BAS preparation skills. I’m with H&R Block from last 3..4 years but never gained this much knowledge and confidence in this particular topic. I’m glad I joined this workshop and get to know about partnerships, company and business returns thoroughly.

Rashmi Gupta

This workshop was very useful in enhancing my knowledge of accounting and taxation. Study material covered by the workshop was very organised and well presented. It was quite engaging and informative. Slides were great for quick reading.


Tahera Afridi

This workshop increased my knowledge of doing actual Tax Returns. The instructor gave practical examples which were very useful. Practical examples were also discussed in the Business Taxation area.

Tharaka Ranjana

It shows the practical aspect of taxation which cannot be learned from university studies. Giving an opportunity to enter into the job market


Workshop contents and presentation specially the two-way communication helped me to update my tax knowledge in some areas. Homework has exposed me to the real tax preparation skills. The entire workshop is well structured to give the necessary training within a short period of time.

Congratulation to  entire PTB team for organising a successful course.

Waduge Fernando

Received practical knowledge on how to prepare the tax returns and BAS.

Kathleen Silva

This workshop is very helpful especially to students who wants to learn taxation. Uni subjects doesn’t really go into detail about tax and I really want to learn more. This is the reason why I joined and it really boost my confidence as an accounting professional. The slides and notes are a big help to me because if I want to study again, I could just go back to the slides provided.
I honestly don’t have much knowledge in tax which is why I’m very shy to ask and participate, but Shan is one of the most accommodating teachers I have met. He would patiently answer every questions from other students and by listening to him, I learned a lot. Taxation can be intimidating, but with a very knowledgeable teacher, it is very interesting. Thank you so much Shan for sharing your knowledge to us and for your patience.

Dhanushi Gamage

I was able to refresh my current accounting and tax knowledge while learning new tax areas and clarifying doubts. I am still learning XERO as part of the workshop which I think is really a useful software for my accounting career. Course content and the areas covered were amazing.

Jyoti Dhindsa

The first two sessions on GST and BAS were extremely useful for any student of accounting, for me – I understood GST in a better way. The conceptual clarity would help me in my profession. The Income Tax homework exercise was very interesting and comprehensive.

I would commend the course delivery and the interactive sessions in the class. The schedule and the design of the workshop is very logical yet unique.

Lilly Kajiwa

The workshop was really worth it. The topics were relevant to what an Accountant needs to know about Tax issues in Australia. It covered almost every part, starting from what are the governing laws on businesses and individuals that are federal and states specific. Then GST and Capital Gains calculations which are critical in accounting for Assessable Income during Income Tax Return preparation.

I would say the fact that we were given an opportunity to choose what time was convenient for us to attend the online workshop. That was really good. The other thing is to be able to hear different views from participants during the workshop was amazing. The lecturer made each one of us feel comfortable which was really recommendable.

Deepa Kunjan Shah

This workshop is useful for Accountants to know more about taxation provisions. It provides an opportunity to learn about taxation.

Danielle Hong

This workshop is extremely useful to those people who have never used any accounting software or prepare companies/partnership tax returns on an accounting software. It gives them the opportunity to see how it is done by the tax agent. Without the workshop, people would not be able to pick up appropriate information to prepare their returns.

Cindy Ariesta

The topical power point slides had clear explanation of the contents. Plenty of practice questions to work on.


Practical, precise and concise. The PowerPoint slides and the lecturer going through the slides helped me to understand the topic clearly.

Rose Truong

Glad to have joined this workshop. Very useful and practical knowledge. I progressed well in the weekly workshops. We were encouraged to ask questions and questions were answered well by Shan.

The most valuable aspect was the challenges found in the homework. It was amazing to learn and to consolidate our knowledge.

Amy Xia

I really appreciate this workshop, as it covered general aspects of practical tax knowledge and provided me with an opportunity to apply it in the homework questions.

As I study Master of Professional Accounting at the university, I gained general knowledge of tax. But I have not worked as a tax agent This workshop refreshed my tax knowledge and helped me get further understanding of tax legislation. I should say it’s more practical and useful in the workplace.

Another good point is Shan is very supportive and encouraged questions. We felt free to ask any question during the meeting which made the study more efficient and made people more connected.

Kamalanathan Jayakuma

Enhance my bookkeeping skills and update information on tax. I’ll be able to do my own and family tax returns.

Reisa Lockhart

This workshop helped me to learn more about Australian taxation and gave me an insight of how the accounting system work for Australian businesses. The most valuable aspect of this workshop is professionalism.

Donna Gardiner

Getting to use the software for real practice. A wealth of information

Perdy Peng

It’s very useful and practical. I’ve learned a lot about taxation in Australia which will be helpful in my future career. It helped me to expand my own knowledge in Australian tax and apply them in practical tax problems.

Jay Sherwin Kit Sabio

The workshop is very useful for Accounting Professionals specially in Taxation Services Industry. It prepares you with an extensive knowledge in Tax rules and regulations together with a taste of real client-based software using Xero.