Rose Truong

Glad to have joined this workshop. Very useful and practical knowledge. I progressed well in the weekly workshops. We were encouraged to ask questions and questions were answered well by Shan.

The most valuable aspect was the challenges found in the homework. It was amazing to learn and to consolidate our knowledge.

Danielle Hong

This workshop is extremely useful to those people who have never used any accounting software or prepare companies/partnership tax returns on an accounting software. It gives them the opportunity to see how it is done by the tax agent. Without the workshop, people would not be able to pick up appropriate information to prepare their returns.

Jyoti Dhindsa

The first two sessions on GST and BAS were extremely useful for any student of accounting, for me – I understood GST in a better way. The conceptual clarity would help me in my profession. The Income Tax homework exercise was very interesting and comprehensive.

I would commend the course delivery and the interactive sessions in the class. The schedule and the design of the workshop is very logical yet unique.

Waduge Fernando

Received practical knowledge on how to prepare the tax returns and BAS.

Tahera Afridi

This workshop increased my knowledge of doing actual Tax Returns. The instructor gave practical examples which were very useful. Practical examples were also discussed in the Business Taxation area.

John Deng

Skills learned in this workshop will help participants to prepare Business Activity Statements and income tax return for individuals, partnership, trust and companies. These skills and knowledge gained will go beyond PTB employment because this workshop has opened our mind and eyes to read and understand more about meeting individuals and business legal tax obligations. I am enjoying this workshop!

The most valuable aspect of this workshop is people. Both the presenter and tutor were knowledgeable and friendly. I have seen in the workshop people from diverse background which means PTB embraces diversity.

Adiba Popalzai

Very useful and informative course. Activities, questions and practical activities on Xero.


The workshop is of great use to new migrants who have basic accounting knowledge from their home country.

Juyi Pan

I now know how to complete individual tax returns. We learnt from real cases, not from the textbook examples.

Sornnarin Ed Deman

Adding another hour lecture each week would be valuable for me to cover all the text and homework.