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Business Consulting Services
  • Optimise your business structure
  • Tax planning
  • Investment planning
  • Review of previous tax lodgements
  • Banking reports
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow management
  • Supplier management

Our Experts will AdviSe You To Make The BEST DECISIONS FOR YOUR Business

We can assist you to improve the profitability of your business

How We Can Help You

With twenty years’ of experience working with clients in small and large businesses our consulting services can help you identify operational efficiencies to enhance long term business growth

Review Your Operations

An on-site review of your premises, business processes and operations to identify opportunities to improve your operational efficiency.

One Simplified Solution

Save time and achieve more with access to our team of accountants, bookeepers, tax agents, business advisers,, investment advisers and mortgage brokers – all in one place. Eliminate the juggling game of interacting with multiple specialists and institutions indifferent location.

Flexible Service Options For Your Individual Needs

As your needs change so will the services you require. PTB lets you choose from single service offers like tax return preparation, business accounting, or one-off financial advice, through to fully integrated private client solutions.

Provide Industry Benchmark

Gather Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your industry and compare and recommend strategies to improve your profitability.

Consistent Integrated Advice

Say goodbye to the conflicting advice that comes from seeing multiple specialists. With a single point of contact overseeing all aspects of your tax and financial situation – and drawing on the expertise from a team of in-house experts – you’re assured one clear path toward financial success

No Matter Where You Are, PTB is There

PTB serves individuals and businesses throughout Australia. Regardless of where you work or reside, PTB can help you achieve all of your personal and business financial goals.

Offer Long Term Solutions

Recommend long term solutions in relation to systems and procedures, staffing, marketing strategies and financial performance for improved profitability.

Results-Driven Guidance

PTB isn’t owned by a financial institution and doesn’t own any financial products. So you receive impartial advice based on your unique financial situation. Receive a customised solution that’s never pre-determined or dependent on a limited product range. PTB is completely results driven, fully committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Transparent Fee Structure With No Lock-In Contracts.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you won’t get charged a trailing commission because all ongoing fees are dependent on how much time is allocated to get the job done effectively.